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This is my review of Ultimate Typing, software that will improve typing skills.  I have used software from eReflect, the company behind Ultimate Typing, before and might be a bit biased. At least I started the review with a very positive mind. This went to a minor chock as I found out that… Well, read on I you will find out J

Short Overview

Ultimate Typing is anextremely comprehensive course on touch typing using all the latest technology for fast results. I found it easy to use and actually it is fun to study.

I had one major problem but that is related to my non English keyboard. I also found some of the introduction videos a bit too long and I would appreciate being able to start the tests with a keyboard command. If you would like to read about the program from their own site you find it by folloving this link – Ultimate Typing 2013

First some background

Ok, I have to admit that I am not that much of a “read the manual” type of guy but when I started to read the website I found myself instantly wanting to try the program out.

Typing besides reading is a big part of my day. I am 52 years old and have definitely not typed a lot when I grew up. I remember I went to some typing classes…not really sure why at that moment. Anyway I did learn the very basics about typing with all my fingers and where to place them.

Now I have worked with computers for many years and actually several times tried to improve my typing. However after a couple of days I have always forgotten about it or just made changes to my prioritizations. Right now it is about a year since I did any real typing training besides the everyday work.

I have not found that my typing gets any better from my daily work and that is a bit strange. Maybe I get an explanation about that in the course.

I am not sure if it matters but my first language is not English and that might have some effect on the training. My keyboard is different from an English keyboard but as I am used to this, I suppose it doesn’t matter (it certainly did).

Starting up

I downloaded the Ultimate Typing software and installed it without any problems whatsoever. I followed the instructions and everything was finished in a couple of minutes.

The first screen I met was to set my goal. It felt a bit strange as I don’t have any idea what my speed is today so I just followed the default 30 wpm in speed and 90% accuracy.

What the course is about

Getting started

Well, this was a bit long winding for me. I agree to everything the girl said about how important touch typing is in this Internet world of today but for me there was not that much news.

Ultimate typing

Here you get to know about more benefits with Ultimate Typing and an introduction to the software. Further you will find sections about the importance of getting to know the keyboards, ergonomics, setting up the workspace, goal setting and stretching. You will also find explanations about the typing games, typing to dictation, different tests and multiuser function meaning that all in the family can use the same software.

Setting goals

How to find time to train? I have to remember that the main reason for training typing is to save time when I get more skilled. Typical typing speeds are 45 wpm as minimum for an office worker and 70 wpm for an author.

Beginners Typing Course

After a video introduction about this part of the training we start to learn everything about the keyboard.

Touch typing is all about using the memory…I found that I have to start with the beginner course. No surprise here.

At this part of the course I got disappointed. Before I started I thought that I somehow could sidestep the fact that I am using a keyboard that isn’t yet supported. Now I found that I could not test my own speed or take part of the beginner’s course.

Accuracy building Course

This is type training focusing on proper grammar and spelling without losing speed.

Speed Building

Here you find several activities to build up the speed. I found this both interesting and helpful.

Advanced Typing

Collection of several mini courses like pre- and suffixes, common phrases, double letters and also common short words.  This part is huge as every “mini course” consists of up to 10-11 parts. This is also my favorite part of Ultimate Typing. Maybe this is because I have typed a lot earlier.

I found that the combination of a sound and a red warning when I make an error might be very rewarding for my memory. Earlier I have made the same errors again and again and never found out why I don’t learn. I am not sure why now either but I know that my accuracy have improved without losing speed and that is most important.

Even More…

Other sections in this first part of the course are ergonomics, dictation practice and how to use the numeric keypad.  At the end there is a summary training where you start to combine everything you have learned so far.

Part 2 – Building Typing Skills

Free Study

Here we can train with both custom lessons as well as test ourselves with different texts in the program or use Wiki articles. In other words, we can train with whatever text we want.

Fun Typing Games

There are 5 different typing games and actually I can play with all of them with my kind of keyboard.

Keyboard Training

This is more of a fun way to further develop you skills with the keyboard. The different training parts are Quick Trainer, Key React and Key Memory. I found the last one most interesting as it is a memory test as well.

Accuracy Training

There are 3 different programs for accuracy training; Falling Words, Rising Words and Focus.  Rising Words is my favorite.

Speed Training

You will find 5 different speed training programs.

Summary of the Ultimate Typing review

I have really enjoyed my first days with Ultimate Typing. I found that there were so much more to learn about fast and accurate typing than I had understood. It was a new start in my journey to make some savings in our most valuable asset – time.

It would be nice to be able to start new games by hitting enter or some other command instead of using the mouse. Maybe that would be something to wish for to the next version.

None of the test programs worked for me as I have the wrong keyboard. That is obviously making the software less interesting for me at the moment. I hesitated to even do this review until the upgrade that includes the Scandinavian keyboards. I decided to write down my thoughts anyway as they might be of help for people wanting to improve their typing skills.

I am glad I did make that decision as I found out how comprehensive this course really is.

If you use a computer – I certainly would recommend Ultimate Typing. If you are using the computer in the work – it is a must.

Read more about Ultimate Typing!

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